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Odessa College hopes high school students, teachers use their resources this upcoming year

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In preparation to back to school Odessa College hosted over 100 educators from Ector County I.S.D. focusing on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). 

The college hopes to get high school students and teachers to use the campus resources to prepare the next working generation.

"Hopefully we get those creative juices flowing," said Katie Nisbet, Associate Dean of Academic Partnerships at Odessa College. "We know school starts next week, there is no time to waste." 

One hundred and twenty teachers were separated into 3 groups. The first group toured the fabrication lab, also known as the fab lab, another group visited with things made in the fab lab and the third group took a tour focusing on the student learning center.

"We call it a no shush zone," said Nisbet. "We are not a quiet library, we have quiet spaces. There's an encouragement for collaborative inquiry, collaborative learning, there's a coffee shop in our library. The set up is made to encourage learning however you learn best."

Nisbet said she's one of the many educators who have benefit from the fab lab and hopes more educators will do the same.

"There's lots of things that I would love to do with my students but I don't have time or I don't feel like I myself have the technical skills to develop those things," said Nisbet. "The fabrication lab helps on both fronts because it makes things more affordable to do but it also helps with the fact that I'm not an expert at making things, the fab lab can do a lot of that work for you."

Many resources on campus like the fab lab and student learning center are also open to the community. 

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