Petition hopes to make a difference following death of Midland teen

Petition hopes to make a difference following death of Midland teen

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A few days have gone by and some friends of John Butler aren't ready to see the building where he tragically fell.

"Just looking at it I wasn't so much thinking about my friend, I was thinking that it could happen in my town," said Andrea De La Rosa, started Downtown Turn-Around Petition.

The shock is what got De La Rosa to start a petition to see change in downtown Midland. She would like to see the abandoned buildings like Western United remodeled or torn down. It's that building where Butler fell after he and others were playing with air soft rifles over the weekend.

"Kids are going to be kids of course. Maybe kids won't look for all that adventure and doing stuff like that if there were actually things to do for us. Our goal make at least some sort of change for the better," said De La Rosa.

A copy of De La Rosa's petition reached Midland Mayor Jerry Morales. He applauded De La Rosa's efforts and reminded the community about some of the changes underway, starting with the new Midland Center currently under construction.

"That's going to provide a lot of opportunities for our schools, our churches, foundations, and non-profits," said Morales.

The Mayor agreed with De La Rosa about the issue of abandoned buildings. If the property owner isn't doing anything with no plans for them, then they got to go.

"There's no reason to keep those buildings up in the position they are," said Morales.

Family and friends are still grieving the loss of someone they say could get along with everyone. Now, those closest to Butler are working to find a solution.

"We could all work together. I want to do this as a community," said De La Rosa.

In the two days since the petition was put online, it's already got close to 100 signatures.

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