Stem cell pain management treatment aimed to stop chronic pain forever

Stem cell pain management treatment aimed to stop chronic pain forever

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - If you're experiencing chronic pain and it's preventing you from doing the things you love, Medical Center Hospital is offering stem cell pain management treatment.

A doctor performed the procedure on a patient on Tuesday. The patient, Donna Duree, told us it wasn't the first time she's had it done, but now she's ready to live a healthy life.

Duree said she loves to spend time with her grandkids. But the problem is her chronic hip and back pain have made it difficult for her to do so.

"I like to live an active lifestyle but it's gotten to where it's difficult to walk. I can't stand very long, can't sit very long, can't drive very far," said Duree.
Now, she's heading on the road to a pain-free life.

Dr. Mandeep Othee, MD Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, performed the treatment. The procedure takes amniotic fluid from donated placentas and then injected into those chronic pain areas. The cells will then start the healing process to make sure she doesn't feel that pain again.

"The patient's own amniotic fluid that you're getting from some other patient will help you recover faster by recruiting your own cells to that part of the body," said Othee. "In this case with this patient, her stem cells and own body will recruit to that area of her hip and help her pain that way."

Medical Center Hospital said their treatment uses concentrated live cells to speed up the process.

"Other products I've researched don't use 100% preserved non-dead cells," said Othee. "I use the best product out there currently available."

Duree has faced several years dealing with pain and days of medication. Its medication she said begins to add up and now it's time to put them away.

"That is why I'm doing this is because I don't want to take those medications," said Duree. "If you take what you're spending on medications, all those things, you're certainly going to be ahead to give you quality of life back."

The patient may need to go for an additional check-up but the shot is expected to last throughout the person's life. Patients may start seeing results from a few months to a year.

The painless procedure only takes a few minutes but leaves a long active life without pain.

If you're looking to inquire about stem cell pain management injections, you don't need a referral and you can call ProCare Interventional Pain Medicine at (432) 640-3774.

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