Midland raised Midland Trinity coaches bring experience

Midland raised Midland Trinity coaches bring experience

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Midland Trinity is moving from 6-man to 11-man. A tough transition, but Trinity believes that if anyone can do it, it's two guys who know a few things about football in West Texas.

Coach Antwan Alexander has led the Trinity football program since 2013. This Spring, he brought on a new assistant, Josh Norman.

The last time these two took the field, they were teammates at Midland Lee.

"We played at Lee High School. He was my older brothers best friend. Best men in each other's weddings, we've known each other since we were kids," said Norman.

After high school, Alexander played at Tech, Norman at OU. Josh Norman then signed with the San Diego Chargers as an undrafted free agent and earned his way to a starting position as their tight end.

"Ever since I was a young kid growing up in the east side of Midland, Texas, that's something that I dreamed about doing was playing in the NFL. A lot of hard work and a lot of perseverance to get there but I was fortunate enough to fight through and make it," said Norman.

Norman moved back to Midland in January.

"Just to be back closer to family and just to kinda hit the reset button on things that were going on in my life," said Norman.

It didn't take long for Antwan to call up his old friend and Norman to become a Charger once again.

The pair is now back on the same mission, just as they were all those years ago when they lined up for the Lee Rebels.

"Our lives separated and all of a sudden we're back here coaching at the school and it's a wonderful feeling to have the opportunity to give back to your community and not just be one that was raised locally leave and never give back," said Alexander.

For these coaches, it's not just about passing on their knowledge of the game.

"It's more than just strapping on a helmet and pads and hitting people. It's building respect, character, all the things we as coaches try and preach through the game of football," said Norman.

We'll see how much the Trinity Chargers are soaking up from these experts during their season opener against Denver City on Sept. 1.

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