Midland Co. Commissioners discuss property tax rate

Midland Co. Commissioners discuss property tax rate
(Source: KWES)

MIDLAND COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Midland County Commissioners want to keep the property tax rate steady at .155992 per $100.

However, state lawmakers are wanting to rollback those tax rates to just 4%.

That proposal still needs to move forward in the state capitol before becoming law.

Even so, Midland County Commissioners made it known that because of how volatile the oil market can be, they will push to keep the tax rate the same in order to keep their revenue steady.

"You can't limit local government revenue if you're just forever sending them more stuff to pay for, that's just a practical financial decision. Secondly, our tax rate is the lowest in the state, which is good to say, the reality is it practical to run government," said Midland County Judge Mike Bradford.

If the proposed rollback tax rate becomes law, Midland County Commissioners will need to hold two public hearings before bringing the proposed rate to a vote. They are set on both August 24 and August 28.

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