Local woman raising money to go to San Diego breast cancer walk

Local woman raising money to go to San Diego breast cancer walk

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - "I want to do my part to help in research and they provide education and resources for screening that some people may not have without them," said Amy Hoelscher, a Garden City woman.

This November, Hoelscher will be walking 60 miles in three days, in San Diego, as part of a Susan G. Komen three-day walk.

She will be staying in tents each night in between, and to get there, has been raising money at events like Zumba at Lacey J's today.

"I'm excited, I think it'll be great," said Hoelscher. "I've had some friends who have been a part of this for a while. I've always wanted to be able to join and I hear that it's like nothing I'll ever experience, or have experienced before. Just, all the people there for one goal to help in the fight against breast cancer and just joining together for that goal."

She and another friend from Garden City are fundraising together, she said they've got about $700 and the support from everyone has been unreal, especially for something she's been looking forward to do for a while.

"I was a teacher and coach for about five years, until this past year," said Hoelscher. "It just never worked for me to fit the actual walk into my schedule. I've done some of the race for the cure 5K's before but this has been something I've wanted to do for several years and it finally worked out for me and I'm excited about it."

Other than Sunday's Zumba fundraiser, Amy is also fundraising through Swans Cares and raffles, she also said you could get in contact with her through her Facebook.

She said she's chosen to support this cause because of her personal connection to friends and family who have been hurt by cancer.

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