MASA and Project Freedom Ride save local dogs from shelters

MASA and Project Freedom Ride save local dogs from shelters

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - On Saturday, 15 dogs in Midland went on a road trip with Project Freedom Ride to Washington where they can soon find a forever home.

"They would've been euthanized if MASA (Midland Animal Shelter Adoptables) hadn't pulled them into foster care and onto Washington," said Project Freedom Ride volunteer, Tasha Sport.

In Texas, many shelters have high euthanasia rates due to overcrowding. That's why the Midland Animal Shelter Adoptables and one non-profit are trying to keep that number down.

"With the fluctuation of oil and gas in Midland, sadly, the people coming in, bringing their dogs, its too expensive to have them in apartments, or they can't afford the process fee, and they just dump them," said Sport. "When oil drops, they leave town and leave their dogs here."

Jennifer McConn is the founder of Project Freedom Ride. The non-profit, which started in 2016, transports around 50 dogs from Texas to Washington a month where they can be in homes instead of shelters. Before Washington, she was living in San Angelo where she networked with shelters.

"I've never really lived in an environment that was high-kill," said McConn. "So when I came home to Washington, it was kind of a joke at first, I thought, 'We  could develop an underground railroad and network the dogs up here.' That actually turned to Project Freedom Ride."
The dogs are headed to Washington because many states up north don't have the overcrowding problem. The good news is Freedom Ride stays on top to keep all rescued dogs posted online, where in many cases, they'll have a family waiting on the other side.

"My goal is to get them adopted fast," said McConn. "The best way to do that is expose them to Washington before they get here. Doing this changes your life and it will change theirs. Every home should have a dog!"

Each dog costs about $150 for the transportation. It's a road trip to happiness, and these rescued dogs can finally get a second chance at life.

MASA said they will continue working with Project Freedom Ride in the future so they can save more dogs.

To help out their efforts, you can donate by clicking here.

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