Suspect identified in deputy-involved shooting in Midland Co.

Suspect identified in deputy-involved shooting in Midland Co.
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MIDLAND COUNTY, TX (KWES) - One suspect is in the hospital following a deputy-involved shooting in Midland County early Saturday morning.

We're told the authorities received a 911 call from the Kent Store, located at FM 1788 and West Highway 158 just before 5 a.m.

According to authorities, the 911 caller stated that a male subject was trying to get in vehicles at the store. Another caller stated that the subject was trying to steal a vehicle.

Authorities added another caller stated that a naked man in a cowboy hat was going in and out of traffic and trying to get in vehicles about 2 miles east of the Kent store.

We're told a Midland County Deputy arrived on the scene, attempted to stop the suspect, identified at Edwin Jordan Soto-Contreras, 20. However, the Soto-Contreras immediately attacked and knocked down the deputy to the ground.

That's when, authorities said, the Soto-Contreras entered the deputy's vehicle and attempted to drive off but was unsuccessful.

The deputy then put out an "officer needs help" call and continued to try and stop the subject by defending himself with physical force and deployed his taser with no effect.

A second deputy then arrived and also deployed his taser with no effect as well.

We're told vehicles were stopping and the subject attempted to enter a semi-truck that had stopped but the alert driver locked the door.

Deputies said the "highly aggressive" subject then attacked the second deputy and the suspect was shot multiple times.

Authorities added that the subject continued to run from deputies and the Midland Police Department by climbing on top of the loaded flatbed semi-trailer and was finally knocked to the ground where the officers contained the subject.

The man was taken into surgery at Midland Memorial Hospital.

Authorities fingerprinted the suspect to find out his identity. Soto-Contreras has a criminal record in Colorado.

Deputies are working to notify his family.

The Texas Rangers are conducting an investigation into the incident.

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