Midland Lee Rebel fan says this football season is bittersweet

Midland Lee Rebel fan says this football season is bittersweet

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Bob and Dorothy fielding moved to Midland in 1975, bringing their daughter Stacy with them. Stacy would eventually become a Midland Lee Rebel and the couple would turn into two of the school's biggest supporters.

"My wife and I were bowlers so that took up our time but once we got hooked on Rebels they had priority over bowling 13 years later. Stacy had already graduated but wanted to go to the Rebel's district championship game in San Angelo," said Bob Fielding.

"I asked them if I could borrow the minivan so all our friends could go to together, and they said well if our minivan's going we're going and I said okay but you've never been to one and they went and never stopped after that," said Stacy Fielding.

By 1991, Bob and his wife were all in on Midland Lee and wanted to be able to travel along with the team.

"We more or less cut back on bowling and bought a motor home so we went to all the away games and if we had to spend the night well we had our house with us," said Bob Fielding.

Bob and Dorothy put 10,000 miles on the motor home that first year. It saw season after season including the state championship years.

"We never missed a game. We traveled every mile with the team all three years. We just love these kids. We support the whole program. My wife, you outta see some of the scrapbooks she made, not just football but baseball, softball girls and boys basketball. She loved her Rebels. We had a chance to move back to Oklahoma. She said can I take my Rebels with me? I said I don't think so and she said then I am not moving, and here we stayed," said Bob Fielding.

In the summer of 2015, Dorothy "Dot" Fielding's health began to decline. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in February and passed away this April.

"Last couple years, I never went out of town because of my wife's health. Football I'd go watch the first half. Didn't wanna leave her by herself too long so I'd go home and listen to the rest of the game on the radio. This season is kinda bittersweet because we did it together. We've made a sports fan out of her. When I first married her, it was bowling that was it but the Rebels that won her over," said Bob Fielding.

"Just knowing she's not at home waiting to hear how did they do? It's really bittersweet but I know she has the best seat in the house and I put on my Facebook today she's already pointing down showing off her boys," said Stacy Fielding.

Bob went to almost every preseason practice so far. He says Dorothy's boys are looking better and working harder than they have in years and he thinks it'll pay off for them.

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