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Representative Mike Conaway offers opinion on North Korea, other issues in Washington, D.C.

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It was Town Hall number 18 for District 11 Representative Mike Conaway.

“This really helps me do my job better. It’s to understand what the folks are concerned about and worried about,” said Conaway.

Conaway answered any and everything from health care to the Russia investigation and backed President Trumps methods of communication. Concerns about North Korea, missiles and conflict with the country arose in the forum. Conaway was straight to the point when discussing the country’s leader Kim Jong-un.

“I don’t think he’ll pick a fight with us directly because he knows if he does then we’ll kill him. The bad news is hundreds of thousands of other people will die as a part of that deal and that’s awful.”  

Health care was a major talking point as well. One person asked the representative if congress was on the same plan as everyone. Conaway sympathized with those who felt everyone in D.C. is taking too long to find a better solution to Obamacare.

“People are frustrated because the House has done it’s work and the Senate has not. The ball’s in the court of the Senate. Our Senators have got to get that back on track,” said Conaway.

The Russia investigation, to which Conaway is overseeing, also got some push back. Conaway told everyone in attendance he along with others on the Intelligence Committee are working as fast and as thorough as they can.

“We’ll begin to interview the high value people if I mention any names you’d know immediately who they are. We’ll start interviewing them in September,” said Conaway.

The forum lasted about an hour, enough time for those in attendance to get a snapshot of what’s going on behind closed doors in D.C.

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