Odessa woman using 'couponing' strategy to save big on Tax Free Weekend

Odessa woman using 'couponing' strategy to save big on Tax Free Weekend

(KWES) - Back to school is right around the corner and national reports show one household on average spends just under $700 during this time of the year. One Odessa woman said she's spending less than $100 for her 3 kids.

Cutting and clipping is how Jenai Bacon is saving her family hundreds of dollars a month.

"They look at me like I'm crazy," said Bacon.

Bacon has several binders filled with coupons, one is a good binder, the other is for house-hold goods. Bacon coupons year round, most of the time it's with her three kids. She does it at home, the doctor's office and even on the road, if her husband is driving. There was a time Bacon would shop for back to school without the coupons.

"It was terrifying," said Bacon. "We had hard times, who didn't have hard times? Especially after the bust, that's when I got really into couponing because we were both working part-time."

It's not any different for Tax Free Weekend, Bacon is looking for savings on top of savings.

"Whatever I don't use at home, I'm going to donate to the school and ask them to give it to a family in need because the school helped us when we were in need too," said Bacon.

Stores like CVS, Target or Walgreens have coupons that will will give you money back if you spend a certain amount. As for clothing, Bacon looks in thrift shops or the marked down sections of stores.

"You'd be surprised what you can find, some people donate brand new things that you can buy for $1," said Bacon.

If you're looking to save a few bucks, Bacon has one tip for starters.

"If you really don't want to sit here and clip coupons, at least check the store ads," said Bacon. "You can just go to one store and they'll price match other store ads."

For more tips from Bacon on how to save a few bucks, visit her Facebook group.

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