Midland I.S.D pushing close to 100% for teachers in district

Midland I.S.D pushing close to 100% for teachers in district

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The Midland Independent School District is brimming with confidence for the upcoming school year. The reason is because of the new hires.

"We're proud and very glad to report that we are running about 99 percent filled as far as our classroom teachers are concerned," said Woodrow Bailey, Midland ISD's Director of Professional Certification.

Numbers the district was with struggling three years ago. Bailey said the steady improvement can be traced back to teachers wanting to come to Midland and the district's ability to keep those already here.

"That also speaks to morale, that speaks to teachers being happy, being satisfied in their current assignment. It makes us feel like we're in the right direction," said Bailey.

In the last six months, there was some moving and shaking across the district. 250 teachers were hired for both elementary and secondary schools.

"We have two teachers that are brand new to the district with 42 years of experience. It runs the range, from zero years of experience to 42 years of experience," said Bailey.

Student enrollment numbers haven't come out yet but Bailey added based on history, the district can expect 200 more students this year. That's what makes them, one of, if not the most important position in the district.

"Teachers are vital to the success. They are the motor that keeps it all running," said Bailey.

Bilingual and Special Education are some of the departments still needing a few instructors.

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