Gun club in Midland growing shooters into national competitors

Gun club in Midland growing shooters into national competitors

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - All success starts with opportunity and the Permian Basin Young Guns Club is a perfect example of what can happen when a door is opened.

"A group of parents and coaches got together and decided that we needed a facility to promote youth and women's shooting throughout the Permian Basin," said Kevin Willhite.

The facility opened last September and since then athletes training at the club have competed at the state and national level.

One standout shooter is Kevin's daughter, Brooke Willhite, who participated in the Winter Airgun Championships at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. She spent her summer attending national camps, just returning from one in Alabama.

"A lot of the collegiate shooters were there and we a got to learn from some of the top shooters in the U.S. You try and soak up as much as you can from them and put into practice what they suggested," said Brooke Willhite.

Brooke's thankful to learn from those competing at the collegiate level she hopes to be at one day, but usually, she receives instruction from someone pretty close to her.

"My dad does coach me. He started out and we work pretty well together," said Brooke Willhite.

"I do coach her, but you have to be careful with that because you spend a lot of time in their coaching and we do get some of our other coaches to step in as well," said Kevin Willhite.

Brooke started shooting when she was 5-years-old.

"We started when she was very young, hunting together. She was my hunting partner and then it kind of grew from there. Our interest grew from there and we started shooting more into precision trying to develop into national shooting," said Kevin Willhite.

Although Brooke was given a gun at a young age, the Permian Basin Young Guns program has proven to take someone from their first shot, to the precision level.

They are hosting an open house for those interested in joining the sport on August 19.

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