Midland homeowner's son arrested in connection with arson investigation

Midland homeowner's son arrested in connection with arson investigation
(Source: KWES)
(Source: KWES)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - UPDATE: Nickolas Knight, 22, has been arrested in connection with a house fire that happened early Wednesday morning in Midland.

We're told Knight is the homeowner's son and she is pressing charges.

He is facing arson charges, the investigation is ongoing.


Neighbors in central Midland woke up to the sound of sirens and the smell of smoke when a home went up in flames early Wednesday morning.

None of the people inside of the home were hurt and it's still unclear what started the fire. The sun rose as firefighters arrived and worked into the morning light to put the fire out.

Neighbor Johnnye Montgomery sees a lot of things during her early morning walk at 5:30, but in nearly 50 years of living in the neighborhood, she's never seen what she saw on Wednesday.

"Suddenly the first thing I heard was pops and then almost immediately saw flames coming all the way up on the tree," said Montgomery.

Two dogs didn't make it out. The house is ruled a total loss and the family's vehicles were melted.

"I would say it's very miraculous," said Montgomery. "I'm amazed the gas in the car didn't cause it to blow up because the heat must've been intense."

The Midland Fire Department said the fire started in a small enclosed patio next to the garage. Investigators said the cause of the fire is still unknown but other officials on the scene tell us it's an ongoing criminal investigation.

Montgomery said she and other neighbors have an idea of who could've started the fire but they aren't worried of this person being dangerous.

"We care about this person, I'm not afraid," said Montgomery. "This is not a scary neighborhood, certainly we have people that are maybe careless or troubled."

The Red Cross is helping the family with a place to stay in the meantime.

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