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Odessa Girl Scouts get back to 'flocking' after flamingos were stolen

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When you wake up in the morning and see the sign you've been flocked, thank the Odessa Girl Scouts of Troop 27776.

"We go out at night normally after dark probably around the time somebody would be asleep and we put the flamingos in their yard," said Brianna Gatten Moscrip, Odessa Girl Scout.

The girls hit homes and businesses with bright pink plastic flamingos.

"People do it to their friends as a prank," said Gatten Moscrip.

It's all a big fundraiser for the troop, but recently the fundraiser had to be put on hold. The flock was bird napped and the girl scouts were in a jam.

"We've only had a couple problems and just because a couple of people are being bad or mean doesn't mean that everybody in general is bad," said Moscrip.

A local business paid for a new flock of birds. Now the girls are back to raising money and their dreams of earning enough for a trip to Europe next summer are still a possibility.

The girl scouts are all about empowering young ladies but this time it was the community that empowered them.

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