Midland officer helps man with food, bike and a cooler

Midland officer helps man with food, bike and a cooler

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Every day, there are tons of news clips, highlighting negative things, but we want to share something amazing that happened in the Tall City.

Albert has been coming to the Midland Soup Kitchen every day for about a month.

This weekend, he got a welcome surprise, from Officer Robin Bivens of the Midland Police Department.

"He said, can I take you to your house," said Albert. "And I said, no, take me to the store. He said, no I'll take it to your house. I'll take it to your house."

Not only did Officer Bivens take Albert to a grocery store, he bought Albert some food, a cooler and also fixed his bike.

"It was good," said Albert.

When we asked him what his thought process was, Albert said, "Somebody is going to give me some food? That's nice of them."

MPD said they are proud of their officers who exemplify what it means to serve the community through acts of kindness like this every day.

They also said that Officer Bivens is just one of many who go above and beyond for the city and people of Midland..

Officer Bivens was unable to talk because of his work schedule but a video shared the on Facebook has him saying the following, "If you can help someone out, go ahead and do it, because you only pass through this life once. You might as well help someone out, make their day better. Pay it forward right?"

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