Drones used to capture football practice film

Drones used to capture football practice film

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - It's a sound that's increasingly common on football fields across the nation, an intense and constant buzz coming from the skies. As more and more drones are flown into the air to get a bird's eye view.

At Monday's practice, the Midland Lee Rebels had four of them flying overhead.

"There was an unfortunate incident at Notre Dame. A young man fell off a filming tower so we started using these, our high school managers love it. It's like playing a game and we get really good film so it's a good deal," said Coach Clint Hartman.

As Coach Hartman mentioned, safety is a big reason for the transition to the robot-type technology, avoiding videographers standing on traditional towers.

Another big reason is the versatility a drone offers.

"We can deploy them anywhere quickly and be able to get quality film out of it and then turn around and upload that film to our computer and we're able to watch it within 30 to 40 minutes," said Coach Frank Maldonado.

The drones are also easy to use, only requiring a two man crew, one person operating the camera and the other pressing record and stop from their phone. For the Rebels, these videographers are called the flyers.

Even though all of their drones are F.A.A. approved, Maldonado explained they are used for a very specific purpose.

"When it's time to move to a different drill, we're gonna pick 'em up and walk them over there. We don't want the drones actually flying. We want them going up and then down and that's all," said Maldonado.

While these advanced cameras may seem expensive, coaches say they are actually cost effective.

"They are cheaper than an end zone camera. For one end zone camera, you can get two drones," said Maldonado.

We're told the Rebels plan to add more drones to their fleet in the future, to capture more angles of their game.

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