Monahans athlete medals at USATF Para Youth Nationals

Monahans athlete medals at USATF Para Youth Nationals
(Source: Kelly Carter)
(Source: Kelly Carter)

(KWES) - An athlete from Monahans competed at the national level. He won five individual first place awards at the United States Track and Field Para Youth Championships.

Zachary Carter of Monahans has the kind of mental toughness that most people can only dream about.

"When I have my mind set on something I don't give up," said Carter.

Carter was born with a severe spinal defect that causes him to have almost no feeling below his knees and prevents him from walking.

However, it hasn't prevented him from success.

He's a straight a student. A member of his junior high band and just weeks ago at the U.S.A. Track and Field Junior Para Youth Championships in Wisconsin. He earned five first place finishes. His favorite of those five? The 100-meter dash.

"It feels like I'm flying," said Carter.

Zach spends a lot of his weekends on the sidelines cheering his older brother, Braden, who's a three-sport athlete. But this time, Braden was the one cheering for him.

"It was pretty exhilarating watching him win and be as competitive as he is. It was pretty awesome," said Braden.

Zach likes being an athlete and dreams of being able to compete at the international level. He's spent his life as a sports fan, with plenty of proof.

"Look at his room. He's got a poster of every sports team and he's got different football helmets," said Braden.

The combination of Cowboys and Packers and memorabilia may be rare, but when it comes to his favorite sport, he's really a follower of the game.

"Cause there's hitting people," said Carter.

Zach turns 13 in a month and plans to compete in para-events again next season. As he gets older, more opportunities will open up and he already has eyes on the U.S.A. Paralympic Team.

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