City of Midland active in taking care of mosquitoes

City of Midland active in taking care of mosquitoes

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - It's common sight to see standing water when a storm runs through the Basin. But the rain water does provide a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. What exactly are the cities doing, though, to keep the pests at bay?

It's easy for the City of Midland, just using a special kind of tablet for standing water, like at Beal Park.

"When we had the rain the last couple of days, stuff like this, you know, the water stands for a while, we just go ahead and treat them with these tablets," said Park Supervisor, Andy Dominguez.

But what about the standing water in your neighborhood? The City of Midland has something for that too.

"It's just a machine in the back of a truck," said Dominguez. "It'll go just about anywhere, from dusk till dawn, they'll collect the information, what neighborhoods to spray. They'll go out there, just basically turn on the machine and just go through the neighborhood and just start spraying the neighborhood that needs to be treated."

If you and your neighbors call the city for help and they come spray, Dominguez said there's going to be a funny smell, but you don't need to worry if some of their spray gets on you.

Dominguez told us despite how many flood areas there are around town, his team at the Parks Department knows they can keep the mosquito population under control.

"At times there is [a problem]," said Dominguez. "But it looks like we got it pretty much under control with the spraying. People do call in to get their neighborhood sprayed and they can contact the City of Midland Health Department to get their neighborhoods put in the schedule to get sprayed."

Dominguez said the city will not treat your own backyard, but there's a lot you can do to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

Most importantly, get rid of any standing water you have on your property.

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