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Odessa woman alerting other homeowners of roofing scam

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Ramon Arroyo-Lerma (Source: Odessa Police Department) Ramon Arroyo-Lerma (Source: Odessa Police Department)

Odessa police are looking for one man accused of scamming homeowners for roof repairs. One woman said she is a victim but hopes others can be careful of who they hire.

Winter Hamilton-Hunt has been waiting for seven months to fix her roof. But the roof damage isn't from the recent storms. In fact, she's been wanting to get her roof fixed for seven months.

"The fact it's taking this long is really frustrating," said Hamilton-Hunt. "You really damage people's trust when you do things like that."

After seeing Ramon Arroyo with Arroyo Roofing finish her neighbor's roof, that was when she also wanted the same work done to hers. But the problem is this $7,000 project never even began.

"He agreed, he took the contract, we gave him a check, a deposit, cashed it and never did any of the work on the roof," she said. "He went three weeks blowing us off and canceling, saying, I'll have to push you back this week, I'll have to push you back this week, then, it was just a blow off."

A blow off, leaving Winter and her husband thousands of dollars short. 

"We can't afford to give away $2,500," said Hamilton-Hunt. "I just can't. And we still got to do our roof. We've had more storms since then. More hail damage. I don't, we're just doing the best we can."

Now Hamilton-Hunt has been trying to make up for the money by working extra shifts at work. In the meantime, she still hasn't had any luck getting hold of Arroyo. And with a warrant out for his arrest, she hopes this is the last time anyone falls victim. 

"We may not get our money back, but I don't want him doing this to anyone else," she said. "It's wrong to treat people like that."

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