City of Midland considering cutting back on proposed road bond

City of Midland considering cutting back on proposed road bond

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Midland Council members sat down Tuesday to talk about the proposed road bond during a budget meeting, but they're talking about making a few changes.

They're considering changing the project from 8 years and $195 million, to 5 years and $100 million. It's something the city might do to get the community to vote yes.

Midland Mayor Jerry Morales said taking out 6 inches of asphalt and putting in new pavement is what's needed to do to maintain many Midland roads.

"30 percent of our roads are unrepairable, meaning they cannot be maintained again." said Morales. "Basically you're taking out all the old and putting in the new, new water and sewer. So I consider it new road and new infrastructure."

Some of the repairs scheduled for the last 3 years will still be fixed. Morales said aside from the proposed bond, $7.4 million from the city's budget are going to road repairs.

"We're still maintaining a pretty good growth, the other message is, in 2028 were saying that we can be at 180,000 people," said Morales. "With that means more traffic on the roads, it's imperative that we do something with the water, sewer and new roads."

The council has not made a decision yet, but will continue to hear the community's input. Once the council approves a bond, the city can move forward for a November election.

For more on the bond, including a map of the roads the proposed bond will fix, click here.

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