Odessa resident, Navy Veteran, attacked Sunday night at Odessa park

Odessa resident, Navy Veteran, attacked Sunday night at Odessa park

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - An Odessa man was attacked at an Odessa park late Sunday night. He's going to be okay but he has an important message he wants to share with the people who jumped him and others who may be in the same kind of business.

"The individual then pointed the (pellet) gun right to my face," said Tony Haro, 27. "I stood my ground, had the idea like, whoa, I'm just going to die."

That's what was running through the head of the Navy Veteran Sunday night.

Haro said he was taking a walk around the Odessa Family YMCA Park when he was hit from behind and had what he thought was a real gun held to his face.

"Four other individuals were coming around, just laughing," said Haro. "Just really, really evil stuff. Right then and there, he shot my lip five times, five times in a row. I stood there and was like, OK. They looked at me for a couple of seconds and they just left. They started running, laughing.'

After going to Medical Center Hospital, Haro said he was released and told he was fine, except for his cuts and bruises on his head and face.

Haro said at this point, he's not mad about what happened, but wants to get a message to the people who did this to him.

"If you keep this up, you're going to die," said Haro. "Plain and simple. You're going to be judged by 12 and buried by six. Don't mess with that lifestyle, you're just dancing with the devil. Do you really want that on your life script, that you did such really stupid stuff and dying for it? Make something of yourself."

The five guys Haro described to Odessa police are still on the loose. We're told they're all described as Black males, approximately 16-19 years old, slim build and are approximately 5'9" tall.

After being attacked, Haro said he's going to start protecting himself more and hopes others will do the same.

"If you don't protect yourself, at least have some pepper spray on you, something," said Haro. "Times are getting more evil, people are doing some evil, outlandish stuff for no reason at all."

If you have any information on the suspects. call the Odessa police or Odessa Crime Stoppers at (432) 333-TIPS.

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