Tax increase on horizon for city of Midland residents

Tax increase on horizon for city of Midland residents

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Just over $2.5 million in property tax revenue and a 5% percent increase in tax dollars. Midland City Council will look to adopt a new budget for next year. The city began working on the budget in January, a difficult task especially dealing when it comes to raising taxes.

"I don't like it. I don't like the fact that we ever have to raise taxes. If we're going to maintain and that's just maintain, we got to pay our taxes and if we want to achieve the excellence that this community deserves they're going to go up, but not by much," said District 3 Representative, Sharla Hotchkiss.

Compared to last year, the tax rates will go up slightly as Hotchkiss said. Most of the funds will go to helping first responders in the city.

"If you look at the budget 65% is personnel and 63% of that personnel is just fire and police. We've tried very hard to provide safety for our citizens," said Hotchkiss.

The proposed budget doesn't factor in the bond on the city infrastructure set to be voted on in November. Hotchkiss says this budget will try to fix some of the city's reoccurring problems, for example the almost $5 million that will go to street projects like fixing the flooding issues.

"You don't want to drive Illinois or Texas street with the rain. That's where the water comes flowing through, it's difficult for traffic to get through," said Hotchkiss.

City council will look to adopt the budget and tax increase on Tuesday. This year, tax payers in the Tall City will be footing the bill.

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