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Family looking for stolen RV trailer along with baby's belongings and father's ashes

(Source: Mary Wanzer) (Source: Mary Wanzer)
(Source: Mary Wanzer) (Source: Mary Wanzer)
(Source: Mary Wanzer) (Source: Mary Wanzer)
(Source: Mary Wanzer) (Source: Mary Wanzer)

Mary Wanzer and Nick Griffith have an 8-month-old daughter, Chevy. But what they don't have anymore, is what used to be their home.

"They took my pride, everything I worked hard for the past 4 to 5 years I've been here," said Griffith. "Now I can't even work."

Earlier this month, while the family left their RV one night during 4th of July week, they came back, only to find their home along with their rig truck stolen.

"This is hard especially with our little girl now," said Griffith. "All these tools I accumulated from all the years I've been working. I can't even gather enough money to get a weld machine so I could get back and do service calls."

The trailer held items from birth certificates, social security cards, baby formula, diapers and clothes. Now, the family is left with nothing. 

"You can take from me all day long but when you take from my daughter, my little girl needs a roof over her head," said Griffith.

But what can't be replaced are Nick's father's ashes that were also on the truck.

"That's irreplaceable. That's the only part of him I had left," said Griffith. "It's all material stuff, things come and go through life. The sentimental things, it's what really hurts."

But the family isn't asking for money or donations. The only thing they ask, is for the person who took their home, to give back the one thing they had, their life. Although there are some things they probably won't get back, it'll be struggle to get back on their feet so they can provide the best they could for their daughter.

"I'm not out to seek revenge, we're not mad at you," they said. "We're sorry you had to take from our daughter's home."

The family has checked several trading posts and Craigslist to see if some of the items had been sold. They are staying at Griffith's brother-in-law's home until they can get back up on their feet. They have already filed a report with the Odessa Police Department and ask if you've seen the RV anywhere, to call Odessa police at (432) 333-3641.

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