Guardian Training Agency give free firearms course to first responders' wives

Guardian Training Agency give free firearms course to first responders' wives

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The Guardian Training Agency gave back to first responders by giving their wives a free firearms training class. The course is to help the spouses be prepared for the worst while their husbands serve the community.

"It's kind of a misconception that wives of police officers know how to shoot," said Guardian Training Agency instructor Haylie Urias. "My husband's an officer so we wanted to give back to everything that they do."

Targeting areas from firearm safety, to sight alignment and movement, Haylie and her husband, Paul Urias, made sure the students knew the ins and outs before pulling the trigger.

"Thinking back those first 20 years, Paul was my security blanket, if something happened, I knew he was going to defend me," said Haylie. "In the last several years, there's been officers shot. You  want them to have a sense of security with everything else that's been taken."

A course to make sure these wives are always protected so none will ever have to be a damsel in distress.

"I think as women, we're a little more vulnerable out in the public, it's important to me because I want to be able to protect myself if Paul's at work, I want to be able to protect my family, kids, nieces, and nephews, and just having the confidence in knowing what I'm doing with a firearm, it's huge," said Haylie.

Guardian Training Facility suggests if you carry a firearm, it's important to train at least once a month to stay proficient. If you're interested in taking some training courses with them, you can register on their website by clicking here.

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