Odessa toddler thriving, two years after deadly accident

Odessa toddler thriving, two years after deadly accident

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Two-year-old Jett Limon is bubbly and full of life.

"He reminds me of Janiyah and Jen everyday," said Joseph Limon, Jett's dad.

It's a life that was almost cut short before his first birthday. On Memorial Day Weekend 2015, Jett along with his mother Jennifer and then three-year-old sister Janiyah were in a car accident on their way back to Alpine. Jennifer died at the scene, Janiyah at the hospital, and it looked bleak for baby Jett too.

"The moment I saw him he was in a neck brace. He couldn't move. He couldn't see. Both his eyes were shut at the time. He had a big gash at the top of his head," said Limon.

It was a wreck that left Jett's dad Joseph scrambling for answers.

"It was just hard to take it all in and accept the fact that it was my family involved in it," said Limon.

It's been a little over two years and Jett has been thriving, evidence by the video that has gone viral nationwide of him drilling shots all over the house.

"We would allow him to shoot the ball into a trash can at first. Once he got really good we decided to get him a basketball goal for Christmas," said Limon.

Jett even showed me it's all in the wrists. He takes his two hands over his head and lets it go.

"He never gets tired. Usually whenever I pick him up from his grandmothers, the first thing he says is let's make it. That's just telling me let's go shoot the basketball," said Limon.

The toddler is continuing to live life through tragedy. Whether it's nailing jumpers from the kitchen or living room, Joseph couldn't be anymore happy.

"Seeing him wake up everyday is all I need," said Limon.

Joseph tells us whenever he shows pictures of Jett's mom and sister to Jett he always smiles.

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