CONSIDER THIS.....Restore, Repair, Resurface Midland Roads

(KWES) - Restore, repair, and resurface.  It's the new call to action to address Midland roads authored Councilman Lacy and our transportation director.

Roads are an issue that is literally felt by by every citizen and one that will inevitability be placed on our shoulders to fix. The first draft of the bond takes a $200 dollar a year property tax increase for every $200,000 property valuation. The increase would last for the next 8 years.

There's another option on the table that council has their eye on that cuts it to 5 years and decreases the amount of the bond by 95 million with the hope of citizens will see the progress and be more agreeable to pass the remaining amount in the future.

Consider This...  I am hearing that vote in November is a done deal, but the particulars are still up in the air. Council has until September 8th to get it worded and on the ballot.

Time is of the essence. How much, how long, and how it affects your property taxes is up to you. Reach out to your council member and the mayor and let your voice be heard.

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