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Blood from 94 donors helps save new mother's life

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Eden Antoinette is a happy, healthy baby. She was born only six days ago to two loving parents.

But Eden may never comprehend the frantic hours spent trying to save her mother's life.

Sarah Wilson started losing mass amounts of blood after a C-section caused an issue with one of her arteries.

She had lost so much blood, the Henry County Hospital did not have enough to replace it. She was immediately flown to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center.

"We were calling for massive amount of blood products, more than I've ever seen given before in one case, just doing everything we could to keep her alive," Dr. Alicia Huckaby said.

For every bit of blood given to Sarah, she lost twice as much. In one day, she received 70 units of blood. That equates 94 blood donations.

"People saved her," Sarah's nurse Christina Kwiatkowski said. "Those 94 people that donated to be able to give this woman life."

Sarah says she does not remember much of the ordeal. But she knows the work and sacrifice that went into saving her life.

"I kept telling them, there is no way I can thank you enough for everything you guys did," Wilson said.

"It's like an elephant came off my chest," said Eden's father Brock Piercefield. "You know you can't help but think of what could have happened and I couldn't imagine my family without her."

Kwiatkowski says like Wilson's make the medical profession rewarding.

"We all want to help people here, but when you see real success stories like this, like really somebody who was on the brink and then you're able to make a difference in their lives, it's just the best feeling in the whole world," Kwiatkowski said.

But beyond the doctors and nurses who helped to save Wilson's life, there were 94 others, whose identities may never be known, who also contributed to the happy ending in a nightmare scenario.

That's why Kwiatkowski urges more people to donate blood.

"We use it, we use it all the time. We use it here in our community," Kwiatkowski said. "It really does save lives, it really does make a difference."

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