Lone Star Conference hosts media day, UTPB football

Lone Star Conference hosts media day, UTPB football

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Starting a football program is an experience that not many share but is forever something the returning players at UTPB can say they were apart of.

"It was a great feeling to make history. We had the first touchdown in history. I'll always remember that," said UTPB wide receiver Mitchell Leonard.

But not everything about the season was good to remember, the Falcons finished up their inaugural season with a record of just 2-9.

"I guess being humbled and learning that it's not gonna be an easy ride. We're gonna have to work every week. It's gonna take focus from every position everyone doing their job," said UTPB linebacker Chris Hoad.

Each team in the Lone Star Conference was asked what game they had circled on their calendars, nobody mentioned UTPB.

"We're not on anybody's radar and that's on us, we gotta compete and do better that guys get up there and they're ready to play us," said Coach Justin Carrigan.

Preseason polls have the Falcons tied for last place, but they say they're hungry to change their rank, so they'll be making major adjustments.

"Getting turnovers, getting more opportunities for our offense. If you win the turnover battle, you have a better chance of winning the games so that's what we wanna do this year," said Hoad.

And as for the other side of the ball?

"Instead of thinking about making the plays, we can just go out and make 'em without actually focusing on how nervous you are in the game. Instead of coming along in the third quarter, we can start games off this season," said Leonard.

Despite their underwhelming debut, support from the community is unwavering.

"They've been extremely supportive and I don't expect that to change. It's football in West Texas, there's gonna be a time that they'll hold me accountable for winning ball games and championships and I fully expect that and I'll hold myself to that as well but they've been overwhelmingly positive with building a program," said Carrigan.

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