Reaction to President Trump's ban on transgenders joining U.S. Military

Reaction to President Trump's ban on transgenders joining U.S. Military

(KWES) - President Donald Trump making a big announcement Wednesday morning, he said he plans to reinstate a ban on transgenders serving in the military.
Trump said he made the decision after consulting with generals and military experts.

A burden of medical costs and disruption is the reasoning behind President Trump's ban on transgenders joining the military. It's a decision that reverses a policy approved by the Defense Department under President Barack Obama.

"Based on consultation he's had with his national security team, he came to the conclusion that it erodes military readiness and unit cohesion and made the decision based on that," said Deputy White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee.

Jonathan Martinez is an independent LGBTQ advocate in the Permian Basin, his goal is to help the area understand LGBTQ community.

"I feel hurt for those that are a part of the transgender sub community, they're willing to lay their life down for the country and now they're being told that they can't simply because of who they are," said Martinez.

Huckabee addressed the ban during a briefing, she said the status of current transgenders serving is unknown.

"The Department of Defense and The White House will have to work together as implementation takes place and is done so lawfully," said Huckabee.

Missouri Representative Vicky Hartzler spoke out in support of President Trump saying the medical expenses for transgenders are too expensive.

"Right now we have people who cannot serve in the military with asthma or flat feet, so why would we allow individuals to come in although they are very patriotic and we appreciate their desire to serve but who have these medical issues that could be very costly," said Hartzler.

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