Midland Memorial's "Baby Box" program aims to curb unsafe sleep death issue

Midland Memorial's "Baby Box" program aims to curb unsafe sleep death issue

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - It's an issue most moms aren't aware of.

"We decided we needed education. We needed something to help stop this problem," said Casey Weems, Registered Nurse and Women's and Children's Educator, Midland Memorial Hospital.

The high number of unsafe sleeping deaths in babies is surprising in West Texas and the Permian Basin.

"Mom's would breast feed their babies, they fall asleep, or their babies are fussy, they hold them, they fall asleep. That's where the problem occurs," said Weems.

To fight the issue, Midland Memorial and Weems, will be giving moms who deliver babies at MMH, free baby boxes to put their newborn or infant in to rest.

Weems encouraged moms to share rooms with their baby but not a bed.

"This is what a safe sleep environment should look like. It should literally just be this mattress with the fitted sheet and the baby. There should be nothing else in the box with the baby," said Weems.

Weems added the baby should always be placed in the box on their back and the lid should NEVER be closed with them inside. If you're ever confused just think of the ABC's.

"Alone. On their back. In their own crib."

Along with the box, there are gifts from diapers, to wipes and nursing information for both mom and baby. The hospital really wants the moms who leave to understand why they are getting these boxes.

"Our goal, our hope is every mom is just as excited as we are and they see the value and see where we can take this. We don't have unsafe sleep deaths anymore. It becomes a zero thing," said Weems.

200 moms per month deliver babies at Midland Memorial. The program will continue for the foreseeable future.

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