Cryotherapy used by athletes in the Permian Basin

Cryotherapy used by athletes in the Permian Basin

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Cryotherapy is one of the latest techniques elite athletes around the world are using to improve recovery time.

"When you rigorously break down your body so much, training for any particular sport so much sometimes you need that extra recovery method," said owner Kirby Jones.

Basin Cryo treats high school, college and adult athletes alike. One of their favorite reasons to freeze is how little time it actually takes to rehab.

"Much colder, much more effective than an ice bath and it's only three minutes. It's a dry nitrogen fog so it doesn't hurt and it doesn't go beyond the top layer of skin," said Kirby Jones.

During those three minutes, the unit plunges to between -245 to -275 degrees, so low your skin almost freezes, but those extreme low temperatures cause your brain to pump oxygen rich blood to where your body needs it most, like sore muscles.

"Less inflammation soreness and stiffness. You perform better, less likely for injury and why show up at a game event anything like that 50 to 75 percent when you could show up 100 percent with whole body Cryotherapy," said Kirby Jones.

Kirby says, if history repeats, high school athletes who took it a little easy over the summer will be making their way back in for some sessions as two-a-days begin.

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