Midland mayor anticipates proposed bond plan for roads

Midland mayor anticipates proposed bond plan for roads

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A proposed plan to fix the city of Midland's problems could cost the city and its taxpayers millions.

"If we don't start addressing the roads in a major way, then it's only going to hurt those further down the road," said Jerry Morales, Mayor for the city of Midland.

Morales and the rest of city council will debut a plan at Tuesday's meeting. In it, the mayor says a bond will help fix the road woes plaguing the city.

"When we had the discussion about roads, there was a presentation made by our Transportation Director, Jose Ortiz, who came out and said 30% of Midland's roads are unrepairable," said Morales.

Morales added the potential bond plan could last anywhere between five to eight years. District 4 Councilman J Ross Lacy has been crunching the numbers and will present the plan. Morales believes an idea like this is going to need the backing of all council members.

"On something of this magnitude, the whole council needs to be behind it. We're going to have to work together regardless of who's presenting it and get behind it as a group and support it," said Morales.

Andrews Highway, Garfield Street and Midland Drive were just some of the roads Morales thought needed the most work. Whether it's those roads or others, the mayor wants the best for the taxpayers and the city.

"I think when it comes to roads everybody is going to be listening. I don't think there's not going to be anybody in Midland who at least drives the roads is not going to be concerned what roads are going to be addressed? What the ticket price is? How's it going to affect them personally," said Morales.

Before the bond gets to the November ballot, the council has to vote on it by the second meeting in August.

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