VFW Post 4149 help move a veteran out of his home

VFW Post 4149 help move a veteran out of his home

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The VFW Post 4149 in Midland is always making sure they're helping out the veterans in the community.

For one veteran, Eric Cortez, he got some of that help. He's been living in Midland for six years for work, but there was something that was missing under his roof.

"I've been away, being with military, being with the oil field for six years," said Cortez. "You don't always get that opportunity to be a father. Because of the schedules, there's so many years I've missed that I can never get back so my number one thing is to be a dad."

With hundreds of miles in between, his two boys who live in Colorado still get to see him every so often. But now he's leaving the Tall City and moving to Colorado where he'll get to see them 24/7.

"I love Texas, I don't want to leave Texas but for my boys to be a dad, I'd go to the end of the world," he said.

And with time sneaking up quickly, moving out required some additional help.

"He had a moving truck ready, and he had large pieces of furniture without anyone to help him move," said VFW 4149 Motorcycle Group 4 Chairman Darrell Thornton. "He's a veteran so we go and help him."

Eric's mom reached out to the VFW to ask for assistance, and without question, help arrived. In less than an hour, everything was moved out.

"I couldn't believe it, honestly I told her, you know, no one's going to want to help," said Cortez. "I thought the veterans, they got their own stuff, especially the VFW and the other organizations, they got their stuff going on."

A small gesture, but a reminder, that no veteran should go unserved.

"I saw with the help today, it's amazing how the military can come together," said Cortez.

"It's the brotherhood, he's family," said Thornton. "Whether you're blood or not, you're still family. That's what we are, we're his brothers and sisters in arms."

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