Young Professionals of Midland bonds with newcomers in the Tall City

Young Professionals of Midland bonds with newcomers in the Tall City

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The population of Midland is continuously growing, a lot of young adults are coming in. Some are beginning their careers in a town they don't know.
That's why one organization is opening their arms to those people so they can bring new friendships but at the same time, help out their community.

The Young Professionals of Midland works together, one hand at a time. They spent their Saturday morning building a home for Habitat for Humanity but this is just a small part of what the group does.

Like many young adults who are starting to make their mark in Midland, that's how many of these members started out.

"Most of us aren't from here," said Young Professionals of Midland Vice Chairman Kate Woody. "I moved here for work, of course like everybody else in the area. We see people every time we go out that are new to Midland. We're able to bond with them and say, 'Hey, we're new here, too. A couple years ago, we were doing the same thing you are.' To be able to open them up and bring them into the group is awesome."

Every month, Young Professionals brings in new faces to take part from social mixers to volunteering. It's a way to lend a hand to their community but welcome new faces along the ride.

"I moved out here and I didn't know anyone at all," said Young Professionals of Midland Community Outreach Director Ashley Pecot. "When you don't know anybody and you have no family at all, it just makes you feel like you're a part of the community and feel a little bit more like home."

For new people moving in, getting settled in an unfamiliar place can be tough. That's why the organization  with over 350 members is changing that attitude.

"Coming from Houston, such a large area and so much to do, it's a lot different here and just having somewhere to go where there's other young people and it's just not necessarily always families, or I work with a lot of older people," said Pecot. "It's nice to surround myself with people the same age and people wanting to do the same things in their career and really grow their career and put themselves out there, I think it's great."

And as many young adults begin their career in the Tall City, it's not only that demographic that continues to grow, but so does pride and friendship.

"It makes me more proud to be here and proud to be out and about because I'm able to say, 'I've done this.' And be able to show what I've done and it makes me feel good," said Woody. "I'm able to do it with my friends and a great group of people, and give back to great organizations like Habitat is absolutely amazing."

If you're interested in being a member of Young Professionals of Midland, click the link here. Stay up to date with them on their Facebook page.

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