Plumbing company workers help pull Midland man from burning home

Plumbing company workers help pull Midland man from burning home

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A Midland family is praising a few unlikely heroes. Three workers from a D&D Plumbing helped pull their loved one from his burning home.

The victim was previously hurt from a car accident and his family says if he did make it out from the house himself, he probably would have been re-injured.

Robert Rogers can now laugh about what happened to him, but just two days ago, he fought to break out of his burning home in Midland.

"The fire was all right here," Rogers said while showing his badly burned living room and kitchen.

Rogers was sleeping when the fire started. His family admits they've had trouble getting him up in the past.
"He sleeps so deep. We come up here and he's got his door locked and we bang on the door and we bang on the door and we're hollering "Robby" and finally we get him up," said Bonnie Niedecken, his grandmother.

This day in particular, Rogers only woke up when he couldn't breathe.

"At first when I woke up, I didn't know where I was. It was completely black smoke and then I kind of woke up in this world," said Rogers.

Rogers pushed an AC out of the window, but struggled to break the new plexiglass window to his bedroom. Finally, some unlikely help arrived.

"I just was able to yell at them and they came from across street and helped me get the glass out the window and then pulled me out before I could just fall out of it," said Rogers.

Three workers from D&D plumbing were across the street fixing on a gas line when they heard Rogers' pleas for help. Without hesitation they ran to his rescue. The worker's called 911, saving Rogers' home from being even more damaged.

"I just thank them for caring because most people nowadays don't want to get involved," said Niedecken. "It may not seem like a lot to most people but to us, they were heroes."

It's a large mess that the family has to clean up, but a positive attitude is helping them by.

The family says they aren't sure what started the fire.

They are warning other families with plexiglass windows to have another way out during an emergency in case they can't break the the window.

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