Former Medical Spa of Midland nurse indicted on 2 counts of sexual assault

Former Medical Spa of Midland nurse indicted on 2 counts of sexual assault
Booking photo for Mohsin Syed. (Source: Midland County Sheriff's Office)
Booking photo for Mohsin Syed. (Source: Midland County Sheriff's Office)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - An indictment came down for two counts of sexual assault for the former nurse at the Medical Spa of Midland. That comes after a former doctor was indicted twice for sexual assault.

Jose Franco is indicted on two counts of sexual assault, he's is also known as Joey Franco. Franco is a licensed vocational nurse and was listed as an employee at the Medical Spa of Midland.

The spa is under new ownership, they said Franco isn't affiliated with the spa anymore.

"When I took over, he was not rehired," said Dr. Jeff Durgin, the new owner of Medical Spa of Midland. "So I had to rehire the employees because of corporate entities and all that stuff, so he wasn't rehired, so he doesn't work here."

The indictment said Franco committed two sexual assaults while the victim was unconscious or unable to say no. The assaults date back to 2014.

Midland County District Attorney, Laura Nodolf, said it's common for it to take time for a victim to come forward and it takes time for a local police department to investigate before turning the case over to the D.A.'s office. When asked if these assaults happened at the medical spa, Nodolf said it's a possibility.

"The Medical Spa is located in Midland County, so the indictments are based on events that happened in Midland County," said Nodolf.

In a YouTube video, Franco is shown describing a common process done at the medical spa.

"Once the anesthesia has been implemented to all the areas of concern, or the areas to be treated, the physician will begin the task of tunneling or liquifying the fat at this point," said Franco in the video.

It's unknown of Franco's case is related to Dr. Mohsin Syed, Syed is the former doctor at the same spa and is indicted for sexual assault twice.
Nodolf said the events inside of the medical spa are under investigation.

"We want to hold accountable those people who are abusing the positions that they are in, that are abusing the licenses that they hold so that we can make sure that nobody else becomes a future victim," said Nodolf.

The district attorney's office tells us they are still working with The Midland Police Department to learn if there's more possible victims from either Syed or Franco.

The Texas Board of Nursing has been made aware of the indictment. Franco's license status is still active through November 30, 2017, Syed's license has been suspended.

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