Governor Greg Abbott comments on Special Session

Governor Greg Abbott comments on Special Session

(KWES) - State lawmakers finished up another day of the special session called by Governor Greg Abbott on Thursday.

So far state legislature finished with the Sunset Bill ensuring the medical profession in the state will be licensed.

With so many items on the agenda, the governor said he's happy with the way both the House of Representatives and Senate are addressing any issues.

"It's good. It's like a regular session only much more focused. You can see the focus, the energy, the intensity. It's really kind of like the last two minutes of a football game where people are highly focused to make sure they get business taken care of," said Abbott.

Now that the sunset bill is taken care of, Abbott said the attention now turns to the other items on the agenda from property taxes to teacher salaries. Issues he said affects us here locally that can be worked out.

"What I'm focused on is finding ways to make your schools better, to make your teachers better. Find ways to cut your property taxes. Find ways to reduce the regulations that may hamstring your lives," said Abbott.

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