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Whataburger throws dream birthday party for autistic boy

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San Antonio, TX (KWES) -

In true Texas style, Whataburger is what birthday dreams are made of.

At least that rings true for a 10-year-old San Antonio boy with autism. The party made him so happy, his mother decided to write about it in her blog to thank the Texas-based chain.

“If you have kids, you know how important birthdays are,” the mother wrote. “If you have kids with autism, you know how important every moment is.”

She says her son, Harry, only wanted two things for his birthday; He wanted to get a Lego set and he wanted his party at his favorite restaurant, you guessed it, Whataburger.

Her first thought was if it was even possible to do that. She had never heard or seen a birthday at Whataburger.

“I remember in the 80's sitting at a long table at McDonald's with a million kids with birthday hats...I think I've seen some parties at Chick-Fil-A...but, Whataburger? I'm almost positive I've never seen that ,” she wrote.

She let Harry know she wasn’t sure if they’d be able to do that and did her best to make it happen.

After reaching out through social media, Whataburger responded in a way she wasn’t expecting. They emailed and called her to let her know the birthday plans were on the way.

She says it turned out to be the most amazing birthday party she’s ever been to. 

Not only was it a great time, it was the best gift anyone could have given to Harry.

“Do you know why this is important?” she wrote. “Because kids like Harry don't often get recognized or celebrated. Kids like Harry are the ones trying to figure out where they fit in. Feeling special and celebrated for a day, is the best gift he could ever be given. So, thank you Whataburger.”

You can read her full blog here.

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