Representative Mike Conaway holds virtual town hall

Representative Mike Conaway holds virtual town hall

(KWES) - Wednesday afternoon State Representative Mike Conaway wanted to let the public know what's going on in congress through a Facebook Live Town Hall.

"I and my colleagues have to do a better job of explaining to you what we're doing and how much we're getting accomplished," said Conaway.

The representative answered questions and concerns from the public starting with tax reform.

"We have to do it. We just flat out have to get that done. The problem with tax reform is it's a lot like heaven, everybody wants to go to heaven just nobody wants to die to get there. Well everybody wants tax reform, they just don't want to give up their particular piece of the tax code that they like," said Conaway.

Then moving onto health care. Conaway answered a question wondering why it is so difficult to get it done.
“Two things, there were a lot of people elected in November who wanted to have a part in how that got done, what was in it, what was not in it all those kind of things. If we would have done it on the day the president was elected we would have been asking those folks to simply vote for something they’ve not seen. Not had a word or piece of it. The other thing is while we had six years to get this thing done there was no trigger. There was no forcing mechanism that forced Republicans on a particular version on what we would do in lieu of Obamacare,” said Conaway.
It wasn’t all about taxes and health care, Conaway also talked about how the federal government should stay out of education after getting a question about taking STAAR tests out of the state.
“That’s the responsibility of moms and dads. That is your responsibility to educate your children. It’s the responsibility of Texas to educate Texas kids,” said Conaway.
Conaway wrapped up the Facebook forum in just under 40 minutes but not before wishing everyone including the state of Texas well.

To watch the Facebook Live Town Hall in its entirety, click here

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