Neighbor who discovered body in Ector Co. describes how she found it

Neighbor who discovered body in Ector Co. describes how she found it

ECTOR COUNTY, TX (KWES) - An Ector County neighborhood is still shaken up after a body was found in an alley Tuesday afternoon. Right now, authorities don't suspect foul play but are investigating every lead.

The neighbor who found the body said it was a stroller in the alley that caught her attention. When she looked further, that's when she found a woman's lifeless body. Couches, tires and a stroller fill up this alley, authorities said none of those are related to their investigation but will be handing fines out for the illegal dumping.

Out of concerns for her safety, the neighbor who found the body, chose to remain anonymous. The neighbor said while checking the mail, the stroller is what made her walk over to the alley.

"'Cause it was like five feet up from the road, so I look in and I just got this really strange feeling," said the neighbor.

That feeling made her keep looking until something else caught her eye.

"I kept focusing down there and I saw a pile of clothes. I didn't think it was a pile of blankets and I just kept walking and kept my eyes focused and listening, trying to see if this person was breathing," said the neighbor. "I could see the head, the hair and could see the shirt and the buttocks."

The neighbor said there was clothing on the woman and she was laying flat. Ector County Sheriff Mike Griffis said the woman is in her 20's. He thinks her body was there for less than 24 hours and heat is a possible factor in her death.

"We don't have any reason to suspect there's anyone out there targeting people or anything of that nature," said Griffis. "We feel like this is either isolated or natural, some kind of event of that nature."

"It's nice out here but there are strange things that have happened," said the neighbor.

Griffis said the woman didn't have any form of identification on her but the sheriff's office has an idea of who she is and notified family members. The sheriff's office said the body should be formally ID'ed within the next few days. An autopsy will determine how she died, that should come back in a couple of weeks.

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