Midland High's Austen Wade hits first professional homerun

Midland High's Austen Wade hits first professional homerun

(KWES) - Austen Wade has been settling into his new town after hitting his first professional homerun on Tuesday.

Wade has been in Niles, Ohio, for about two weeks playing for the Mahoning Valley Scrappers.

We spoke with Wade about his homerun and his time in Ohio.

"My next at bat was to lead off the bottom of the eigth inning. I just felt at ease walking up to the plate. All of my at bats before that were quality ones and I told myself that I was selling out for the first pitch I saw," said Wade.

Selling out for the first pitch was exactly what he did. He told us as soon as his bat striked the ball, he could tell it was gone.

"I honestly couldn't believe I hit a ball that well, but it was like a sigh of relief and just a reminder to trust this long process that is ahead of me," explained Wade.

Wade is still adjusting to the whole process but is learning a great deal along the way.

"You have to find that place where you're not too high nor too low and just stick the course," Wade said.  "It felt good to have success last night and hit my first professional home run, but there are a ton of more games to be played. Just have to keep reminding myself to have fun out there."

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