Midland improving roads from creating potholes

Midland improving roads from creating potholes

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - When it rains in Midland, it pours. But where the water goes after the rain can lead to annoying problems.

"It's our most common phone call here in Transportation is potholes," said City of Midland Transportation Manager Gabe McClelland.

Every year, the city spends between $150,000-$200,000 just on pothole repair. A problem the city said is not just caused by the rain, but the old roads themselves.

"Our older streets tend to have a lot more cracks and so when that water penetrates through the cracks and the pavement detaches from the base," said McClelland. "It seems to be the older streets."

The city is continuously working with residents to fix the problem to make sure it doesn't happen again.

"You think about pothole filling, that's really reactive maintenance, right? So our goal is to get to the point we do proactive maintenance," said McClelland. "We're preventing potholes from forming."

The city is taking the fight to the streets, by surface-treating roads routinely. After a new street is done, it will be re-treated every five to seven years.

"Every few years, you rejuvenate that surface as it begins to oxidize or dry, pavement is black when it's put down, it turns grey-ish or white-ish in color," said McClelland. "That means the pavement is aging so we've implemented a lot of things. We started surface-treating our streets. Our budget has grown to support more surface treatment."

If that's too long for the potholes in your neighborhood, you can report them to the city yourself on their website here.  They'll come take a look and could come fix it within a few hours.

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