FBI visits Boys and Girls Club of Midland

FBI visits Boys and Girls Club of Midland

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - FBI agents came to Midland Monday to talk to children as young as sixth graders.

"This is the 'Chasing The Dragon' program," said Brandon Griffin, FBI Agent in Midland. "The DEA and FBI put this video on jointly. It's a drug awareness program, it's about the abuse heroin, but also pain pills, hydrocodone, Oxycontin."

Griffin told us that the program was originally targeted at high school students. But after students admitted to finding drugs earlier than that, the FBI started the program as early as the sixth grade.

"It is," said Griffin. "It's becoming kind of a, kids are just opening up their parents cabinets. They are finding these unused pills in there. This is the way they are getting high now. They don't have to go into the streets, buying dope from drug dealers."

Griffin said some children could come across a pill in the family medicine cabinet and think it's harmless. But that's exactly what this program tries to prevent.

In the video shown Monday, multiple convicted drug addicts tell their story of going from taking prescription pills at home to shooting heroin.

The FBI and DEA know this video will not change the minds of every student who sees it, but every child they can save is a win.

"We can't change every kids life, but we're hoping that a handful of kids take this. If they do see these things, they'll know the right answer is to just say no," said Griffin. "They'll be informed, it's better for the FBI and DEA to inform the kids about drugs than their peers at school who may have drug problems themselves."

The FBI said they do go around to other places during the school year to show this video in hopes of changing lives.

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