Joe Tye helps build Midland Memorial Hospital and MISD core values

Joe Tye helps build Midland Memorial Hospital and MISD core values

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Building culture, it's what public speaker Joe Tye, said makes a successful community.

"I want to help the organization have a more positive and more productive culture, one that people are proud to be a part of. But more important than that, its helped individuals become better people," said Tye.

Tye travels across the country visiting with hospitals, schools and corporations, where he teaches others how to build a positive workplace. He does it by teaching what he calls, the 12 Core Action Values. From understanding values like courage,  perseverance and enthusiasm.

Midland Memorial said its helped them, from improving as a hospital  to providing better service to their patients.

"Workforce, turnover, overtime, the finances of the organization, as we connect with the core values of the hospital, quality outcomes have improved," said Midland Memorial Hospital Senior VP, Chief Operating and Chief Nursing Officer Bob Dent. "Our emergency department for example, we started out at rock bottom. You couldn't go any lower than patient satisfaction as far as percentile ranking, if you will. After we've done some of this work and with an extraordinary director and staff there, we've been in the 90th percentile."

Midland Memorial, MISD, and the Warren Charitable Foundation teamed up  in the MISD Values Project, a program where some of their community members are trained to teach those 12 values.

"We're taking what we've able to do over the last 2-3 years with Midland Memorial Hospital in this year of values, but it's going to be beyond that," said Dent. "We're taking into our school system MISD, the city of Midland, and other places around the communities."

They said the road to building positivity, relationships, and care, is a road they'll continue traveling on.

"I think you have an opportunity to do something in this community that's never been done anywhere in the world," said Tye.

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