Female DPS trooper inspires Gardendale girl by giving her hat

Female DPS trooper inspires Gardendale girl by giving her hat

ECTOR COUNTY, TX (KWES) - A traffic stop turned into a lesson for one Gardendale girl and it all started after a female trooper gave the girl her hat.

Presley Kennedy is not your average 10 year old.

"I've won all of these and I'm sure I have more. I just don't know where," said Presley, showing her many buckles.

She competes in rodeos across the Permian Basin, but in a male dominated sport, Presley knows she's breaking the mold.

"Girls can do anything guys can do and they can do it just as good," said Presley.

Her parents helped instilled that spirit in her, but there is always room to learn a few more lessons.

"Presley said, 'Hey mom! It's cool. She's a girl,'" said James Kennedy.

Not the typical attitude a child has when their parent gets pulled over by a Trooper for speeding.

"During that process my wife said, "Just so you know, my daughter thinks it's really cool that your a female officer' and she said, "Oh that's nice. I know there's not very many of us," said James.

Presley and her parents didn't expect what the trooper did next.

"She said, 'Would you roll your back window down?' and so my wife did and she reached in and handed Presley her hat," said James.

"I thought it was really cool for her to do that," Presley said emotionally.

For Presley, it's not just a hat, but a symbol of what she can achieve.

"That made me feel happy, very inspired. Made me feel like I can do anything," said Presley.

Presley now has a new addition to her rodeo getup, but a constant reminder to be herself and take her life by the reins.

"I plan on having good runs every time I wear it and have good luck and always remember," said Presley.

Presley's mom posted the story on Facebook. The post has been shared dozens of times and it got back to the Trooper Valerie Lopez, who gave Presley the hat.

She responded telling Presley that it was a pleasure meeting her and she hopes to see her wearing the "Texas tan" someday.

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