Michael 'Spider' Gonzales back in court

Michael 'Spider' Gonzales back in court

(KWES) - An Odessa man is back in court in connection to murders that happened 22 years ago.

You may remember Michael Dean Gonzales, who went by the name "Spider."

He was convicted in the 1994 stabbing deaths of his neighbors, Manuel and Merced Aguirre.

At the time, "Spider" was tried, convicted and given the death penalty.

He was sentenced to death again in a re-sentencing trial 15 years later.

But now, a new attorney is questioning if Gonzales was ever competent to stand trial.

That attorney claims that Gonzales suffers from brain damage and mental illness.

He also says that his client was not given effective assistance during the trial.

A hearing in San Antonio is wrapping up but the court process could take at least another month to complete.

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