Competitive bowling league in Odessa

Competitive bowling league in Odessa

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - To many, bowling is more of a social activity. But to some bowlers in Odessa, it is much more than that.

"Yes this league is probably the most serious league there is," said league member Jason Tidwell.

Wednesday nights, at Diamond Bowling lanes in Odessa, 48 bowlers compete in a scratch league.

"There's still some people that socialize but there's a lot of people that they're thinking about the bowling when the bowling is going on," said Jason Tidwell.

Scratch means no handicaps, so your game score is your score. The league requires a 190 average to enter, that's close to what it takes to turn pro.

"Where I'm from there's not a lot of competition so there's a lot of competition here," said league member Michael Steele.

Steele thinks it's worth a weekly commute from Abilene which takes him about 2 hours and 15 minutes.

While it is competitive, two bowlers in their mid-70's show up for different reasons.

"It's fun. Entertainment, to have a good time," said league member Lee Freeman.

Although they still make sure to put in their hours in the lanes.

"Monday night. Twice on Wednesday and then whenever my practice sessions are that I'll fill in," said Harry Deter.

Jennifer Shannon, one of the two women in the group, says she shows up for the challenge as well as the camaraderie.

"We take advice from each other. We pat each other on the back when we do good. It's just like a family bowling is just like a family," said Shannon.

Teams were selected in a draft, they face off each week. A champ will be named in August.

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