City of Midland anticipating results of road survey

City of Midland anticipating results of road survey

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The City of Midland is just a month and a half away from receiving their road survey results. This survey will show the areas of the city that have to worst driving conditions.

It also will give the city an overall score out of a hundred. The Transportation Department plans to use the results to better understand how the roads are wearing.

"When you drive these paved streets, a lot of them that are in poor condition because they are old," said Midland Transportation Manager, Gabe McClelland.

City of Midland knows their roads need some work. Many of Midland's roads were paved in the early 1950s, making them more susceptible to wear and tear from weather and traffic.
In 2014, the Transportation Department hired Transmap to survey every inch of Midland's more than 600 miles of roadway. The roads received a cumulative score of 71 out of 100.

"There is room for improvement, but compared to other cities we are not too bad," said McClelland.

McClelland says that same survey also found that 30 percent of the roads in Midland have pavement conditions score less than 50, which is considered poor by Transmap's standards.

"We have too many streets that are in need of some sort of invasive repair," said McClelland. "That means we are having to come in and remove and replace pavement or some of these streets are in dire need of reconstruction."

Those projects would cost the city $150 million, including utilities.

"We really don't know until we get that data back what the pavement condition scores will be. We don't anticipate they will be higher," said McClelland.

What they do know is that these new scores will show what still needs to be done and if their repair techniques are working.

"We can kind of predict where those streets will be four or five years from now," said McClelland.

Some of the lowest scoring streets from the previous survey include: Thomason Drive between Loop 250 and Wall St., Bluebird Lane, just east of Midland Dr. and Carter Ave. between Garfield St. and Big Spring St.

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