Midland tennis players featured in Sports Illustrated

Midland tennis players featured in Sports Illustrated

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - If you pick up an issue of Sports Illustrated on Thursday, you may notice a couple familiar faces.

"My dad told me I can use it for that two truths in a lie game. So I'll say I'm in Sports Illustrated and they'll say that's a lie and I'll say nope it's true," said Kate Daugherty.

For proof, open Thursday's Sports illustrated issue and you'll see Midland's Kate Daugherty and Allison Stewart on the 'Faces In the Crowd'.

"I kind of freaked out. I was in a movie theater so I couldn't freak out too much. But I thought state was over and through and then its just an extra icing on the cake I guess," said Daughterty.

This feature, puts a bow on a 45-0 season, landing MHS a state title for girls tennis doubles, the first in 45 years.

The state champions will be going their separate ways. Kate is heading off to college.

"It's kind of sad to leave Allison and Carmen too but just giving them a new chapter in their lives and a new chapter in my life. Hopefully both of us will be successful apart from each other," said Daugherty.

Allison has another year at Midland High School. She isn't sure if she will play singles or doubles for her senior season.

"I'm unsure of what I'll play. Nothing will live up to winning state with Kate though," said Stewart.

Before that though, they are taking a surprise trip planned by Coach Carmen. A well-deserved reward.

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